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Welcome to Wage Easy

Wage Easy is a HRIS and payroll software solution designed to improve accuracy and efficiency whilst minimising time spent on payroll and HR processes. It is used by a diverse range of businesses in the Australia Pacific region ranging from small operations with ten employees to large enterprises with multi-site operations.


Combine your HR and Payroll Software

Payroll and HR are two of your most critical business processes, inherently linked to each other. Utilising one total solution to manage these functions can streamline your operations, ensuring improved data accuracy and easier management.


Quick, Accurate Award Interpretation

Pay your award-based employees with ease using Wage Easy's award interpretation function. By automatically calculating your staff's pay amounts and leave based on conditions found in contracts and awards, Wage Easy can simplify your payroll process considerably.


Powerful Employee Information Systems

Gain a clearer picture of your workforce with the comprehensive employee management capabilities of Wage Easy’s HRIS and payroll software solution. Compile detailed personnel files including photos, certificates, qualifications, licences and relevant correspondence. Link documents such as contracts, agreements, appraisals and disciplinary records to personnel files with ease.


Professional Training and Help Desk Support

To ensure your company enjoys the full extent of Wage Easy’s features, extensive software training sessions are available for your payroll and HR staff in addition to Help Desk support services.

Talk to Wage Easy today about how we can solve your payroll and HR needs.

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